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Near&Far - Wherever you are!

Magically funny interactive event - virtual or hybrid

This event will succeed despite the pandemic!

This pandemic period is difficult for all of us with fear, restrictions and uncertainty. Now more than ever we need to stay together and feel united. But how can we do that because we cannot gather together? Near&Far show is one interesting answer to this need.

In the show we (live and virtual audience) create together an experience, where everybody can influence the outcome! The show is full of magic, surprises, humour, music and laughter.

If needed, this event can also be arranged 100% virtual. Whether fully virtual or not, online guests always participate through interactive and engaging solutions.

In Near&Far magic and technology meet to create an unforgettable illusion of intimacy and connection – crossing all borders. It contains 60 minutes of award-winning amazing moments, interaction and uplifting fun that we all need in these times.

Time for Miracles

One example: Imagine sitting comfortably in the safe environment of the chosen Near&Far live location. A mysterious gentleman approaches you and gives you a wine glass containing a small prediction package. Your significant one, who stays remotely connected online, is projected on a video screen and greets you warmly.

He/she is asked about an important moment that you have shared in the past. You decide together at what time this moment happened. The mysterious gentleman asks you to reveal the content of the glass.

Wrapped in a handkerchief is a wristwatch. Imagine the amazement on your faces when you realize that the watch has been set exactly on your chosen time!

Risto performed a fantastic show to our multicultural audience. It highlighted our company’s anniversary party.

Johanna Kyckling, Intel Finland Oy

“Perfect for company events. Very enjoyable experience!”

Osmo Tolvanen, User experience specialist, Trimble Solutions Corporation

“Brilliant and hilarious, something for everybody!”

Fernando Brandão, Theatre director of SNPS

We are very pleased with your close-up performances at our housewarming party. There has been a lot of praise from the participants for your lush and pleasant performance style. The magic tricks you did were really professional and high quality.

Mikko Korkea-aho, Head of IT Nordea Finland

The absolute highlight of this year’s Crayfish Online Event 2020! Risto understood perfectly how to interact with the online audience during his entire show!

One of Europe’s leading banks (NDA restrictions apply)
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